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Re: clutches running hot

The red spring took engagement to 4100 from about 2600 or so. I started with the stock set-up, 37grams on each of 4 arms and the stock spring and was ALL OVER the limiter from the drop of the throttle. I started working up from there. I was pretty close I thought and found another 5 lbs of boost and started over. I put the stock spring back in yesterday and a bunch of weight and was on the limiter. So I put the heavy spring back in and loaded the weight up. So I am at 7800 max revs now. Hole shot it jumps to about 7400 and pulls down immediately to about 7000 and will climb to 7800 way,way on the top end when the boost comes on hard. I am close but not close enough. My next trip will tell me I guess.

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