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Re: Twisted Stitch seats

Last summer I noticed I was sitting a little lower in the car. I learned about Ron Awtry having trouble with his seat so I checked mine and sure enough mine was ripped also. I was planning on replacing with a Twisted Stich but it was down a ways on my list of things to get. Last weekend during the race the four tabs welded to the seat frame broke and the seat fell back against the bar in front of the engine.( this is an XL) I had to drive most of the race ( 1 hr 30 min ) holding on to the steering wheel to keep from rolling around, all the while sitting on the frame rails of the car. Not very comfy. So check the welds on the seat itself for cracks! The front tabs actually tore away from the round tube which caused the rear tabs to break.
Mike, are you a Twisted Stich dealer?
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