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Re: REvolt King Shocks follow up!!

One recomendation that I give you guys if you are going to get reseirvors, is to get piggybacks (at least on the front ones)..... I didnt get them piggybacks because I didnt want the resirvor to be exposed and I also wanted to save a couple bucks, so I endended up welding a tube on the front of the frame, to attach securely the front reseirvors...

the rear reseirvors were really easy to secure, I just did a hole on the plastic to run trough the clamps, and that was it....

Kevin did mention to me that King could make them piggybacks with the 90 degree angle, so that they wouldnt be exposed to flying rocks....but I insisted... lol

but now that I think about it, if I were to purchase them again I think I would get them piggypacks...

- just my point of view, if you dont want to hastle around with the reseirvors...
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