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Re: Front tires on sand

Originally Posted by Mr. Mister View Post
What kind of front tires do you run on sand and why?

I used stock Redline dirt tires this weekend at Sand Mountain with rear paddles and didn't like my turning response time.

Would it be better to run a front baldy or a Mohawk ridged tire?

Some Mohawks are solid and some have serrations. Which is better?

I did have my tires down to 2 pounds so over inflation was not an issue.
We run ITP SandStar Tire with the double rib on the front 26x9-12... this is complimented with ITP Sandstar paddle 26x11-12 on the rear... turns great.. have not tested the straight up hill run yet... I have heard that I might lose some of my hill racing speed.. hope to run China Wall at New Years'
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