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Re: Oregon members

Originally Posted by Bratsy View Post
Hey Brandon,
We are in Oregon also ( just south of Portland), Im not sure if we will make it south before Dune fest but we sure want to. I can say by experiance , as a woman rider your wife would love it!!! and feeling safe makes a much better ride for you, Gary loves it every since he got me a revolt I can keep up with his 450 and even leave him behind We'd be happy to let you/her take it for a test ride if we are ever at the sand together I really want to go to Horse Falls myself I havent been there yet. Since I got the revolt I don't want to ride a quad anymore. But I must say they should come with WARNING LABELS..
" Warning this machine will attract attention and side effects are strangers chasing you down to get info" well good luck and don't let yor wife drive one UNLESS you are serious about getting her one... HEHEHE
We want to get a riot so we can ride double sometimes and still have a blast but believe me we are keeping the revolt

Hello Patsy your not alone there are 6 revolts in the Oregon city area alone that we ride with Got a 10 mill Banshee never ride anymore to much fun in revolt havent feel off it yet
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