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Exclamation Watch out for Scams and Cons

Scams and Cons

In any slow economy, many of us, sell off our prized toys, to pay the bills. Also in a bad economy, the predators come out looking for an easy meal. They are smooth talking and will treat you like their best friend, but they want blood.
Here's a few things, this old guard dog, can teach you to fight back.

This con has been around for a wile, but its easy to get hooked into. Every so often I see a victim on the news. The Con man is hoping you're desperate and/or greedy.

Here's how the Con goes....
1. The Con man finds someone that is selling a high dollar item, cars, boats, motorcycles, Redline Revolts. RZR's etc.
2. The Con man makes contact and offers to buy the item. They will tell you, the asking price is fair and will pay it. This is to get your confidence. Sometimes they will tell you how wealthy they are. "I have Gold Mines and Oil Wells. You're safe because I'm Rich!"
3. The Con man says they live in a foreign country or in another state, and they want you to ship the item. They are willing, to pay you to ship it.
4. They will offer "extra cash". The money's the bait and this is the hook. "I will send you $1000 (or more) extra to cover the cost of shipping. What you don't use, you can keep".
The deal seems to good to be true! Thats because it is. They count on the sellers greed or need. The Con man arranges the Shipper, who's part of the con.
They will push you to pick up the item ASAP. The less time they can give you, to check them out, the better.
5. They pay you by a phony Company check, Money Order or Bank check and arrange for the shipper, to pick up the item. You pay the phony shipper, when he arrives. He will want cash. Why? Because you can't trace it.
6. The phony check bounces several days later and you're out the money and the item.

What to do....

Like me, you'd like to trust people. But, when it comes to money, trust needs to be earned, not given.
If you're paid by Company check, money order, or even a Bank check, tell your buyer, you will hold the item, until the check clears your bank. Offer a receipt for the funds. If the buyer can't do this, then give him back the check, money order etc., and say "I'm sorry I can't do business with you".
Now think about this ... when you bought your home, car, UTV, did the Dealer or Realtor, just hand over the keys, without making a few phone calls to your bank, or mortgage company? NO, and neither should you.

Have a Bill of Sale ready. You can find these, on the internet. Make a copy for you and the buyer. Ask for ID to confirm who they are, upon signing. If they wont do it, back out of the deal. Better to loose a sale, then to be ripped off.
Its a good idea to have someone you trust, with you when your buyer arrives. Safety in numbers. They can be a witness on the bill of sale too.
Take a photo of the buyer and his new toy. Con men hate cameras.

I hope this information can save someone from being a victim.

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