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Re: BlingStar Bumber

Thanks for all the kind words guys, It makes it all worth it when people appreciate my sh*t ! I know I'm anal when it comes to cleaning & maintaining & upgrading my revolt but hey I can think of worse addictions .
I havnt actually ran into anything apart from the ground, 1 double front flip & 3 almosts!!! 1 time I went to jump what I thought was a table-top but as it turns out my friend had pushed through the centre with his skid steer loader, I landed smack bang in the middle of the 2 mounds of dirt ending up suspended by the bumber & rear frame with the wheels hanging, lucky because there was a cut in half 44 galon drum sitting there under the buggy that had had a fire in it the nite before, the floor pan ended up about a foot higher than the drum. Was a mission getting the revolt out of that predicament , Lucky we had a skid steer loader
This bumper wont help with night riding for obvious reasons but I probs wont have it long ey !!!
Stay tuned for next upgrade - I'm going flat trackin'
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