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Re: Pic of my New Bumber..

Originally Posted by SpeedRacer View Post
Originally Posted by sandracer1 View Post
What is that bumper for? Did you have more than one choice? How about a link for all of us.

Hey Sandracer,

Here is a link for a few bumpers that will fit the revolts.... All Suzuki LTZ 400 ATV Bumpers will fit.. I liked this one the best... Do you think it looks good? You will see it in person at L/S in Oklahoma in a month.. I can't wait....

LTZ 400 Bumper | Suzuki Z400
Well, Does that top loop lay back over the hood? If it does I like it. If that loop is sticking straight up, not so much. I hate answering honestly. Then again it is not my machine so who really cares what I think.

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